Minor in Health Science

A minor in health science is available to any student outside the program major. The minor consists of:

HP 310Introduction to the U.S. Health Services System3
PHS 325Introduction to Epidemiology3
PHS 344The Role of Culture in Health and Health Care3
PHS 356Introduction to Health Administration and Policy3
Select 6-7 credit hours of math and natural sciences coursework from the following6-7
The Human Organism
The Human Organism Laboratory
General Biology I
General Biology II
Introduction to Microbiology
Human Anatomy and Physiology
General Microbiology
Human Physiology
Human Physiology Lab
Introductory Chemistry
General Chemistry I
General Chemistry II
Organic Chemistry I
Introductory Biochemistry
Introductory Business Statistics
Introduction to Public Health
Medical Terminology
Medical Terminology
Cancer: Perspectives and Controversies
Physiology of Exercise
Statistical Concepts in Human Performance Studies
Foundational Human Anatomy and Physiology
Clinical Pharmacology
Principles of Dietetics & Nutrition
Introduction to Pathophysiology
Advanced Clinical Anatomy
College Trigonometry
Precalculus Mathematics
Calculus I
Biochemistry for Clinical Scientists
Introductory Physics
Physics for Health Sciences
General College Physics I
General College Physics II
Psychological Statistics
Elementary Statistics
Total Credit Hours18-19