Minor in Information Systems for Accountants

Current accounting majors are qualified to pursue the minor. 

Program Requirements

This minor is designed specially for current accounting majors. To achieve this minor, students must maintain a minor GPA of 2.250. Each course must receive C or higher.

Accounting majors at the Barton School of Business may choose to pursue the information systems for accountants minor by completing the following requirements. 

Course Title Hours
IT Related Courses Required for Accounting Majors
ACCT 360Accounting Information Systems3
ACCT 580Data Analytics for Accountants3
MIS 395Management Information Systems3
Required Course for Minor
MIS 310Fundamentals of Business Application Development3
Minor Electives for Minor
Choose one course from the following3
Database Management Systems
Systems Analysis and Design
Dynamic Web Programming
Advanced Business Application Development
Seminar in Selected Topics
Data Visualization
Total Credit Hours15