BA in Art - Art History Emphasis

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in art degree with an art history emphasis provides a thorough grounding in the liberal arts, provides students with the opportunity for real-life experience through partnerships with local arts organizations, and prepares them for their professional pursuits or graduate studies in art history, museum studies, conservation and art criticism. The program emphasizes thematic knowledge of the major concepts structuring art history across chronological and geographical boundaries, a broad understanding of modern and contemporary art, and exposure to both new/emerging media and also non-Western cultures. This broad, thematic knowledge is augmented by study in greater depth and precision of contemporary art history and art theory. Active research and the writing of analytical and critical texts is a component of courses at all levels. Students also gain a functional knowledge of the creative process through studio, graphic design, foundations or education courses.

Program Requirements

A minimum total of 120 hours is required for the BA in art — art history emphasis and includes the 40 credit hours of art and art history courses listed below. In addition to the university scholastic, residence and general education requirements, candidates for the degree must complete the 40 hours of art and art history courses with a minimum grade point average of 2.500 and demonstrate, through coursework, proficiency in at least one non-English language to support research through the reading of primary source materials. The language requirement is normally fulfilled in French or German, but other languages may be substituted with the approval of art history faculty. Grades below C (2.000) in ARTE, ARTG, ARTH, or ARTS courses may not be applied toward degree requirements. Students gain formal admission to the degree program through the preparation of a plan of study in Mid-Program Review (ARTF 202), a course that provides structured advising about career options and degree requirements. Art history majors are also advised to complete a minor or second major in a related area of the humanities or social sciences.

General Education
Foundation Courses12
Fine Arts3
Social and Behavioral Sciences 6
Natural Sciences and Mathematics6
Advanced Further Study and I&P9
Art and Design Curriculum 1
ARTF 102Introduction to Art and Design3
ARTF 202Mid-Program Review1
Select two courses in ARTE/F/G/S 100-level (excludes ARTE 150, ARTE 281; ARTF 102, ARTF 202; ARTG 110, ARTG 111, ARTG 112, ARTG 281; ARTS 195)6
Art History Emphasis
Select two ARTH 125_ Introduction to Visual and Material Culture courses covering different material 26
ARTH 387Theories of Art History and Culture (An upper-division course in the theory of art can be substituted for this requirement)3
ARTH 300 level, two courses (excludes ARTH 390_, 395_, 396_) 6
Select three 1 credit hour courses from the following:3
ARTH/S 390_ QuickFire Topics
ARTS 375_Special Topics in Ceramics
Select one of the following:3
ARTH 395_ SlowBurn Topics 1st Semester
ARTS 590_ SlowBurn Topics 1st Semester
Select one of the following:3
ARTH 396_ SlowBurn Topics 2nd Semester
ARTS 591_ SlowBurn Topics 2nd Semester
ARTS 500 level, two courses6
Electives include the language requirement and courses selected from any university program, including art and design, which fulfill the plan of study. Classes in the following disciplines may not be used to meet the electives requirement: HPS, IE, KSS, LASI, RE38
Total Credit Hours120

Note: 45+ upper-division hours are required for graduation. Model programs of study are available in the School of Art, Design and Creative Industries office and online (