There is no major in linguistics; however, an emphasis in linguistics is available through the general studies program or a Bachelor of Arts degree field major plan.

Linguistics courses fall into the following groups:

Group A — Basic Linguistic Theory
Nature of Language
Language of Food
Introduction to English Linguistics
Developmental Psycholinguistics
Phonetics: Theory and Application
English Sentence Structure
History of the English Language
History of the English Language
English Syntax
Field Methods of Linguistics
Group B — Linguistic Study of Specific Languages or Language Groups
Advanced French Phonetics and Diction
Russian Phonology
Spanish Phonetics
Introduction to Romance Linguistics
Seminar in Old English
Group C — Areas of Contact Between Linguistics and Other Disciplines
Linguistics and Foreign Languages
Language & Culture
Graduate Studies in Linguistics
Special Studies in Linguistics

Minors in Linguistics

Courses in Linguistics