Sociology is the scientific study of the organization of society and social relationships.  Sociology students learn not only about themselves but also about how their experiences and life trajectories are affected by their social environments.  A major in sociology provides students unique perspectives and skills that are applicable to a broad range of careers — including research, social services, business, education, policy and health care — making them well prepared to succeed in a diverse and changing society.

Through various opportunities within and outside of the classroom environment, sociology students develop insights about the effects of social structures on individual lives, communities and the broader society, learning to use scientific research methods to address complex social issues. The sociology department emphasizes a social justice perspective through research and teaching related to economic inequality, gender, race and ethnicity and aging, as well as social institutions such as the family, education and work.

Majors in Sociology

Students interested in specializing in sociology but wanting the opportunity to more specifically tailor an interdisciplinary degree program may want to consider the Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) program with an emphasis in sociology, which can be completed either on campus or online. For more information, visit WSU Online's degree completion page (

Minors in Sociology

Courses in Sociology