BBA - Information Technology and Management Information Systems

Program Requirements 

A minimum total of 120 credit hours is required for the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in information technology and management information systems. In addition to meeting the requirements of the WSU General Education Program and the requirements for all BBA programs set by the W. Frank Barton School of Business, candidates for the BBA in information technology and management information systems must satisfy the following requirements of the curricular major:

All majors must contain at least 12 unduplicated credit hours. All minors must contain at least 3 unduplicated credit hours.

Note: Information technology and management information systems (ITMIS) majors are not required to complete  MIS 395 in the business core. Up to two non-ITMIS courses can be used toward the ITMIS major. Co-op credits may not be counted toward the major.

Course Title Hours
General Education
Select courses to meet General Education requirements 134-35
College Requirements 2
Bachelor of Business Administration Core Requirements24
Advanced Standing Requirements23-25
Information Technology and Management Information Systems Major
MIS 310Fundamentals of Business Application Development3
MIS 325Data Communications and Computer Networks3
MIS 600Database Management Systems3
MIS 605Systems Analysis and Design3
MIS 696Management of the IS Function3
or DS 755 Project Management
Major Electives
Select 9 credit hours from the following9
Dynamic Web Programming
Topics in Computer Networking
Fundamentals of Cloud Computing
Advanced Business Application Development
Seminar in Selected Topics
Data Visualization
Analytics Decision Modeling with Spreadsheets
Introduction to Business Analytics
Open Electives
Select enough electives to reach 120 credit hours12-15
Total Credit Hours120

Required major courses may also count towards General Education requirements. Students will need to select additional electives to reach 120 credit hours required for graduation with assistance from an advisor.


See the Bachelor of Business Administration page of the catalog for a full explanation of these college requirements.

Applied Learning

Students in the BBA - information technology and management information systems program are required to complete an applied learning or research experience to graduate from the program. The requirement can be met by taking  MIS 325 Data Communications and Computer Networks.

As part of this course, students are required to troubleshoot a network problem. The problem is one which is presented by NetApp (a leading-edge Fortune 500 IT company) for one of its clients. Student troubleshooting analyses cover understanding the problem, finding root cause, fixing the problem and keeping the problem from recurring.