First-Generation Coordinating Council

A first-generation college student is defined at Wichita State as a student whose parents/guardians have not completed a four-year college degree. Named a First-Forward Institution1 by NASPA1 for its 50+ year history of transformative work increasing both access and success for first-generation students, Wichita State is committed to removing barriers by providing services and assistance, including academic support, professional guidance and mentoring, and financial stability.

The First-Generation Coordinating Council (FGCC), consisting of faculty and staff, was created to improve college persistence and graduation for first-generation students. FGCC activities are grouped into four distinct areas:

  1. Improving awareness of the needs and successes of this special student population while creating a sense of welcome;
  2. Creating opportunities for and encouraging the involvement of faculty and staff in activities that support first-generation student success;
  3. Reviewing university data and outcomes in order to make recommendations for systemic change that leads to better experiences and results for first-generation students; and
  4. Ensuring support for university precollegiate outreach and college readiness efforts to strengthen the transition process for first-generation students to both postsecondary and graduate education.

Students who identify as first-generation should visit the F1RST GEN SHOCKERS website1 to learn more about ways to engage with other first-generation students and connect with support initiatives.


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