Sport Management (SMGT)

Courses numbered 500 to 799 = undergraduate/graduate. (Individual courses may be limited to undergraduate students only.); 800 to 999 = graduate.

SMGT 511.  Selling in the Sport Industry   3 credit hours

Examines both the theory and the practical application of sales and promotions in the sports industry. Students learn a process for sales and use that process in a real-life sales exercise. Students are introduced to methods of sales management. The class conducts sales projects for local sports organizations for practical experience and application of theory.

SMGT 520.  Sport Tournament and Event Management   3 credit hours

Examines the processes, methods and practices involved in sport event management, including sport tournaments, sports team events and individual sporting events. Students completing this class should feel prepared to initiate and execute a sport event on their own. Prerequisite: SMGT 112 or graduate standing.

SMGT 525.  Sport Facility Management   3 credit hours

Focuses on various aspects of facility management, such as mission development, funding and budget, site selection/planning/design, floor surfaces, risk management, equipment purchase and maintenance, and personnel management. Prerequisite: SMGT 112 or graduate standing.

SMGT 540.  Business Analytics in Sport   3 credit hours

Integrates the knowledge base of sport and business as it applies in the practical setting. Prerequisites: 2.000 GPA, junior, senior or graduate standing.

SMGT 545.  Sport Governance & Policy   3 credit hours

Discusses the fundamental aspects of management and administration within any sport-related organization. Students are exposed to key industry concepts such as strategic management, ethics and event planning activities, in addition to governance and policy related topics such as scholastic, intercollegiate and amateur sport.

SMGT 547B.  Internship in Sport Administration   6-12 credit hours

Second internship experience for students in sport administration; takes place in a different setting than KSS 547A. Students spend the equivalent of full-time employment in the appropriate agency for a total of at least 640 hours. Prerequisites: KSS 547A, 2.500 GPA overall and for major, senior standing in College of Education, advisor's approval.

SMGT 552.  Study Abroad in Global Sport Industry   3 credit hours

Introduces students to global sport management principles and provides firsthand experience in international sport events or organizations through a study abroad opportunity. Addresses ethics, marketing, sponsorship, event management, business and financial topics as well as challenges and issues in the global sport industry. Course includes diversity content. Prerequisites: 2.000 GPA, sophomore, junior, senior or graduate standing.

SMGT 590.  Independent Study   1-3 credit hours

Prerequisite: departmental consent.

SMGT 711.  Structuring and Scheduling Sports Tournaments   3 credit hours

The structural design, scheduling processes, and mathematics of sport tournaments, elimination, placement and round robin formats.

SMGT 777.  Legal Issues in the Profession II   3 credit hours

Provides students with the knowledge, understanding and application of how the following legal issues influence the sport industry. Specific content includes: agency law, collective bargaining, labor and antitrust law, criminal law, intellectual property rights, product liability and sport governance. In addition to the above content knowledge and application, case studies and class discussions focus on the enhancement of problem-solving skills and prudent managerial decision making.

SMGT 781.  Cooperative Education Field Study   1-3 credit hours

Provides the graduate student with a field placement which integrates theory with a planned and supervised professional experience designed to complement and enhance the student's academic program. Individualized programs must be formulated in consultation with appropriate graduate faculty. The plan of study for a graduate degree-bound student must be filed before approval of enrollment for cooperative education graduate credit. May be repeated for credit. A maximum of 3 hours (for nonthesis option) or 6 hours (for thesis option) may count toward the graduate degree. Graded Cr/NCr.

SMGT 800.  Analytics and Decision-Making In Sport   3 credit hours

Highlights various data application in sport management as a professional tool to make informed decisions. Topics include understanding how to collect, interpret, represent and disseminate data in an organizational setting, and to better understand how data informs decision-making processes within sport.

SMGT 801.  Management In Sport   3 credit hours

Initial introduction into the administration of sport in public schools, institutions of higher education, and commercial and professional sport organizations. Learn about the various components of sports administration by reading appropriate materials and entering into dialogue with practicing administrators.

SMGT 802.  Ethics in Sport   3 credit hours

Designed to give students an understanding of the various issues and concepts relating to ethical decision making in sport management settings. Fulfills the university's professional and scholarly integrity training requirement covering research misconduct, publication practices and responsible authorship, conflict of interest and commitment, ethical issues in data acquisition, management, sharing and ownership.

SMGT 803.  Sport Marketing   3 credit hours

Focuses on the application of marketing principles in a sport-related setting. Addresses such content areas as corporate sponsorships, ticket sales, broadcast agreements, promotional events, and direct marketing in the sport entertainment, sport participation and sporting goods sectors of the industry.

SMGT 809.  Sport Management Technology   3 credit hours

Students gain a greater appreciation for applications of current technology in the area of sport management including but not limited to: the fundamentals of computers and their use, the application of commercial software to the sport management setting, and ethical issues sport managers face in using computers to conduct research and work with various social media platforms in sport settings.

SMGT 811.  Sport In Society   3 credit hours

Addresses the impact of sports on American culture, with focus on competition, economics, mythology, education, religion, ethics, professional sports, sports and minorities.

SMGT 818.  Psychology of Sport   3 credit hours

An in-depth analysis of the psychology of motor learning and its implications for the teacher/coach.

SMGT 822.  Communication in Sport   3 credit hours

A sport organization's success is largely dependent on the degree to which it can effectively communicate with key constituents. Addresses a variety of communication-related topics, including public relations management, image, media relations and community relations.

SMGT 828.  Financial Management in Sport   3 credit hours

Designed to provide the prospective sport manager with an overview of the major financial issues concerning the sport industry. The concepts of resource acquisition and financial management are examined and applied to the problems faced by sport and leisure organizations today, primarily at the college and professional levels, with some attention to commercial recreational enterprises.

SMGT 835.  Legal Issues in the Profession I   3 credit hours

Provides students with the knowledge, understanding and application of how the following legal issues influence the sport industry. Specific content includes: the legal system, legal research, statutory law, risk management, tort law (negligence and intentional torts), contracts, alternative dispute resolution, and employment-related issues within the sport industry. In addition to the above content knowledge and application, case studies and class discussion focus on the enhancement of problem-solving skills and prudent managerial decision making. Prerequisites: admission to the MEd in sport management program or instructor's consent.

SMGT 847.  Internship   1-12 credit hours

Internship in selected areas of specialization in sport management. Prerequisite: departmental consent.

SMGT 890.  Special Topics   1-4 credit hours

Directed reading and research under supervision of a graduate instructor. Prerequisite: departmental consent.