Requesting Undergraduate Credit

Graduate students who enroll in coursework at the 500 to 700 level may, in the semester of enrollment but before the 20th day of classes (or 10th day for the summer), request that the registrar's office change their enrollment in those courses to the undergraduate level. Once changed to undergraduate level, those courses cannot be changed back to graduate level, and cannot be used toward a graduate degree or certificate. The courses will not be counted in the graduate grade point average, and they will be assessed at the undergraduate tuition rate.

Note: Students should be aware that changing the level of these courses to undergraduate could impact federal financial aid disbursement, as well as credit hours needed to maintain full time graduate enrollment. Some tuition benefits for Graduate Assistants may not be awarded for courses changed to undergraduate level credit. It is recommended that students consult with their advisor, the Financial Aid Office (if receiving federal aid) and/or International Student Services (if an international student) before changing the level of their coursework.