FYCH - First-Year Seminar CHEM

Courses numbered 100 to 299 = lower-division; 300 to 499 = upper-division; 500 to 799 = undergraduate/graduate.

FYCH 102W.  First-Year Seminar: Chemistry, Environment and the Common Good   (3).

General education math and natural sciences course. Helps students critically examine the confluence of science and society, particularly in the context of environmental issues. Students learn the chemistry underlying the greenhouse effect, the carbon cycle on land and in the ocean, water purification, electricity generation by different means, and emerging technologies to combat pollution and climate change. The impact of these chemistries in the world is explored by watching documentary films. Students are asked to think about and discuss how public policy and technology can be used to mitigate or exacerbate environmental problems. First-Year Seminars apply as an additional requirement in the WSU General Education program; they cannot be applied as a divisional requirement.