Biochemistry Field Major

The departments of biological sciences and chemistry participate jointly in this program. Students selecting this major should seek the advice of one of the departmental chairpersons as early as possible.

Required courses are:

BIOL 210General Biology I4
BIOL 211General Biology II4
BIOL 419Genetics4
BIOL 420Molecular Cell Biology4
CHEM 211General Chemistry I5
CHEM 212General Chemistry II5
CHEM 523Analytical Chemistry4
CHEM 531Organic Chemistry I5
CHEM 532Organic Chemistry II5
CHEM 662Biochemistry I3
CHEM 663Biochemistry II3
CHEM 664Biochemistry Laboratory3
BIOL 666Special Topics in Biochemistry3
Special Topics in Biochemistry
Select two enrollments of either one of the following two courses for a total for 4 credit hours4
Research in Biochemistry
Research In Biochemistry
Select 21 credit hours of biochemistry electives chosen in consultation with a biochemistry academic advisor21
Total Credit Hours 77
Additional science requirements for the Biochemistry field major
Select either Option A or Option B below5-6
Option A6
College Algebra
College Trigonometry
Option B5
Precalculus Mathematics
PHYS 213General College Physics I5
PHYS 214General College Physics II5
Total Credit Hours15-16