PC - Personal Computing

Courses numbered 100 to 299 = lower-division; 300 to 499 = upper-division; 500 to 799 = undergraduate/graduate.

PC 105.  Introduction to Computers and Applications   (3).

2 Classroom hours; 2 Lab hours. General education math and natural sciences introductory course. A computer literacy course introduces students to the Internet and other networks, multimedia, CD ROM, historical development of the computer, uses of the computer in business, industry, government, education and the home; hardware components of a computer system, data representation, systems analysis and design, and issues of ethics posed by technology. The laboratory section includes hands-on experience with the Internet, Windows, and personal computer applications packages such as word processors and spreadsheets. No credit granted toward the BS in computer science. Prerequisites: some familiarity with typewriter keyboard and minimal typing skills. Corequisite: PC 105L.