BS in Applied Engineering - Concentration in Process Automation

Program Requirements

The BS in applied engineering with a concentration in process automation requires the completion of 120 credit hours for graduation and includes 32 credit hours of mathematics and natural sciences and 64 credit hours of major courses. All the prerequisite courses must be completed with a minimum grade point average of 2.000.

In addition to meeting the requirements of the WSU General Education Program and the requirements of the College of Engineering, students in the BS in applied engineering with a concentration in process automation must take the following courses:

Course Title Hours
General Education (34-35 credit hours)
Select courses to meet General Education requirements 115-18
General Education courses that will also meet Program Requirements
FYAP 102AFirst-Year Seminar: Introduction to Technology and Innovation 23
ECON 201Principles of Macroeconomics3
PHIL 385Engineering Ethics3
PHYS 313Physics for Scientists I4
PHYS 315University Physics Lab I1
MATH 242Calculus I5
Program Required Mathematics/Natural Sciences
GEOL 300Energy, Resources and Environment 33
BIOL 370Introductory Environmental Science 3, 43
STAT 370Elementary Statistics 33
or IME 254 Engineering Probability and Statistics I
MATH 243Calculus II 35
MATH 451Computational Mathematics Using MATLAB 3, 53
PHYS 314Physics for Scientists II 34
PHYS 316University Physics Lab II 31
Applied Engineering Core 6
APEN 312Applied Statics3
APEN 334Introduction to Strength and Mechanics of Materials3
APEN 354Statistical Process Control3
APEN 441Analysis of Decision Processes in Technology3
ENGT 492Energy Management and Sustainability3
APEN 201Introductory Design Project1
APEN 301Intermediate Design Project1
APEN 401Senior Project I3
APEN 402Senior Project II3
IME 222Engineering Graphics2
IME 222LGraphics Lab1
IME 258Manufacturing Methods and Materials I3
IME 258LManufacturing Methods and Materials I Lab1
Engineering+ Program
Completion of the Engineering+ program 7
Required Courses for Process Automation Concentration
APEN 313Applied Dynamics1
APEN 323Introduction to Fluids3
APEN 320Circuits Technology with Lab4
or ECE 282 Circuits I
APEN 348Machine Elements3
APEN 361Industrial Controls and Instrumentation4
APEN 410Robotics Technology3
APEN 411Microcomputer-Based Mechanical Systems Technologies3
APEN 497Electrical Machines and Electronic Circuits4
Technical Electives
Select 6-9 credit hours of technical electives preapproved and documented by an applied engineering faculty advisor. Please refer to the applied engineering website or consult with your applied engineering advisor for a current list of technical electives. 16-9
Total Credit Hours120

Required major courses may also count towards General Education requirements. Students will need to select additional technical electives to reach 120 credit hours required for graduation with assistance from an advisor.


All first-year college students must take FYAP 102A within their first two semesters. Transfer students will take ENGR 205 to replace FYAP 102A.


May count as a general education course.


With approval from the department chair, students may substitute with any BIOL or CHEM course.


With approval from the department chair, students may substitute with any MATH 300 level or above course.


All applied engineering students must complete these courses, regardless of applied engineering concentration.


Details outlined under College of Engineering Requirements, #2.

Applied Learning

Students in applied engineering programs are required to complete an applied learning or research experience to graduate from the programs. The requirement can be met by completing the three-course capstone design experience consisting of APEN 301, APEN 401 and APEN 402.