Shocker Career Accelerator

Nail the resume, land the interview and prepare for the job with the Shocker Career Accelerator. Build marketable skills and gain professional work experience before and after graduation through targeted internships, applied learning opportunities, one-on-one career-ready appointments, professional development workshops, career fairs, and more. Now is the time to develop the right habits and skills for a lifetime of professional success. 

Need help choosing a major? No problem! The Shocker Career Accelerator understands that deciding on a major isn’t always easy — and sometimes it’s downright hard. That’s why the center provides every student with the perfect environment to explore their interests, discover their options and create a blueprint for success.

WSU students also have access to one of the best cooperative education and internship programs. WSU students can earn work experience, college credit and a paycheck — all while bolstering their resumes and getting a leg up on the competition. Get started today by calling 316-978-3688, visiting the Shocker Career Accelerator online1 or visiting in person at John Bardo Center, Suite 162.


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