BA in Communication -​ Communication Studies Emphasis

Program Requirements 

A minimum total of 120 credit hours is required for the BA in communication - communication studies emphasis. Students majoring in communication must maintain a 2.500 grade point average (overall and in the major) and complete a minimum of 39 credit hours in communication, including 12 credit hours in the communication core. At least 27 credit hours must be in the following structured emphasis area. In addition to meeting the requirements of the WSU General Education Program and the requirements of Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, students in the BA in communication - communication studies emphasis must take the following courses:

Course Title Hours
Communication Core Courses
COMM 301Writing for the Mass Audience3
COMM 305Visual Technologies3
COMM 306Introduction to Multimedia3
COMM 535Communication Analysis and Criticism3
Communication Studies Emphasis Courses
Select two of the following (but not both 430 and 530)6
Communication Research and Inquiry
Communication Law and Responsibility
Historical and Theoretical Issues in Communication
Media Analytics and Audience Behavior
Select at least 21 credit hours from the following21
Interpersonal Communication
Nonverbal Communication
Argumentation and Advocacy
Introduction to Film Studies
Teamwork, Leadership and Group Communication
International and Intercultural Communication
Public Information Writing
Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy
Cooperative Education
Communication Practicum
Integrated Marketing Communications Campaigns
Issues in Corporate Communication
Seminar in Communication
Seminar in Communication
Shocker Ad Lab
Applied learning
Select one course from the list of approved applied learning courses in the department: COMM 481, 481N, 581, 626, 562
Total Credit Hours39

Applied Learning 

Students in the BA in communication - communication studies are required to complete an applied learning or research experience to graduate from the program. The requirement can be met by completing COMM 481 Cooperative Education, COMM 481N Internship, COMM 581 Communication Practicum, COMM 626 Integrated Marketing Communications Campaigns or COMM 562 Shocker Ad Lab.