Honors Track - Leadership


Upon completion of the Honors Leadership track, students will have developed contemporary leadership skills in order to contribute effectively to their profession and community and work effectively in diverse groups.


Upon completion of the leadership track, students are able to:

  1. Identify leadership theories and concepts;
  2. Differentiate leadership practices across settings, organizations, disciplines and systems;
  3. Identify cultural strengths and differences through a leadership framework;
  4. Develop leadership skills based on personal strengths and professional interests;

And demonstrate one or more of the Honors curriculum outcomes:

  1. Communicate effectively across disciplines and/or professions;
  2. Address an urgent intellectual question, creative debate or real-world problem through research or creativity activity;
  3. Contribute to an intellectual, creative or civic community;
  4. Reflect on individual development.

Program Requirements

In order for students to receive the leadership track distinction on the transcript, students must:

  1. Complete 12 credit hours of leadership courses and applied learning:
    1. Core Course;
    2. Directed Electives; and
    3. Applied Learning.
  2. Submit a portfolio that includes at least two class projects/assignments of their choice, a two-page reflection essay about their applied learning, and a cover letter (up to one page). These materials give students the opportunity to synthesize experience and learning. They also will be used to assess the effectiveness of the track:
    1. In the reflection, make connections between concepts and skills learned, academic coursework, career plans and/or personal development.
    2. In the cover letter, address the following questions:
      1. What were the main benefits (strengths) of the leadership track?
      2. What would you tell others about your experience?
      3. How do you plan to use the skills learned in the leadership track in your future?
      4. How would you improve the leadership track?

Course Requirements

Course Title Hours
Core Course
HNRS 351Survey of Leadership (All students must complete HNRS 351 as the core course requirement for the Honors Leadership Track)3
Directed Electives
Select 6-8 credit hours from the following6-8
Parks, People and Place: Exploring Our National Parks
The Engineer as Leader Honors
The Presidency Honors
High Performance Leadership Honors
Leadership in Self and Society Honors
Leadership Challenge
Leadership in Self and Society Honors
Lead for Tomorrow: Messy Problems
Service Learning and Community Engagement Honors
Organizational Design and Engagement I Honors
Organizational Design and Engagement II Honors
Honors Tutorial - Emerging Leaders
Honors Tutorial - Evolving Leaders
Honors Tutorial - Engaging Leaders
LeaderShape Institute
Leading for Change in an Unpredictable World
Leadership Development for Innovation
Legislative Leadership and Politics Honors
Applied Learning
Select one of the following courses1-3
Travel Seminar
Lead for Tomorrow: Travel Seminar- Solutions
Leading Through Serving
Cooperative Education
Total Credit Hours12

The interdisciplinary leadership track culminates in an internship, travel seminar, study abroad or service-learning experience. Ideally, a student would intern with a leader in their area of interest. For example, a student interested in volunteer leadership might intern with a food bank organizer. A student interested in governmental leadership might intern with a congressional representative or senator. A student interested in educational leadership might intern with a university president, and a student interested in religious leadership might intern with a clerical leader.

Petition for Exceptions to Requirements

Any student may petition to count an alternate course or an applied learning experience toward requirements for the leadership track. In such cases, the student shall petition for Honors College approval by submitting a proposal before or during the semester in which the course or applied learning experience is undertaken. If approved, the student shall provide documentation of successful completion of the applied learning along with the required reflection essay.