The purpose of the department of history at Wichita State University is to illuminate the forces that have shaped our world and to provide a historical perspective for the future. To accomplish those goals, the department offers a flexible program of study. While students may focus on a specific area of concentration, the program introduces them to a variety of classes that assures them a foundation for an integrated liberal education. Combined with courses in other disciplines, the study of history prepares students for entrance into a wide variety of career opportunities, including business, government, law, journalism, teaching, communications, public service and the military. The department is working to give all WSU students a strong grounding in history and the humanities.

Teaching of History

Because Kansas Department of Education regulations governing the certification of secondary history teachers are very specific, students planning to be teachers of history should contact a secondary social studies advisor in the College of Applied Studies for program planning beyond the requirements of the history major.

Majors in History

Minors in History