Certificate, Residency and Badge Programs

Certificate programs are available at the undergraduate, graduate and residency levels. Each program consists of a group of related courses that addresses a special topic. Completion of these courses indicates achievement in a specialized area. Programs vary in terms of length, and some courses in the program may have prerequisites. While these programs do not end with an academic degree, many of the courses are found within degree programs. Programs are reviewed by the faculty on a three-year rotation. Many of these programs exist for limited time periods depending on their demand. Programs are further described in the various departmental sections and in the list below.

An overall grade point average of at least 2.000 for all courses comprising the certificate program, and no grade below C, is required to earn a certificate. Interested students should consult the catalog and the certificate coordinator for detailed information on requirements and guidelines. 

Certificate programs are not eligible for Title IV (federal financial aid) funding unless the certificate is a requirement of the degree program. The exceptions are approved programs of at least one academic year in duration that lead to a certificate and prepare students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation. Approved programs will be designated with disclosure information on the program web page in the applicable academic college.

Additional information is available on the Certificate Programs website1.


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