Dual/Accelerated BS to MS in Computer Science

The dual/accelerated bachelor’s to master’s degree offers outstanding students the opportunity to pursue both the bachelor’s and master’s degree in unison and in an accelerated time frame.


This program is available to current BS in computer science students at Wichita State University. Students applying for the dual/accelerated BS to MS in computer science (MS in CS) should meet the following requirement:

  • Student must have successfully completed at least 90 credit hours with a cumulative GPA of 3.250 or higher in the bachelor's degree.

For complete requirements, including the eligible undergraduate programs and majors, please consult the Graduate Catalog and the home department’s website.

Accelerated Nature

This program was created to help Wichita State University BS in computer science students to get an early start in graduate education, where during their senior year they can be admitted into this program and select up to 9 credit hours of courses to apply to both their degrees (BS in CS and MS in CS).

  • Only ECE and CS prefixed courses at the 700-level and above can be used for dual credit hours.
  • Up to 9 credit hours can be used for the combined undergraduate and graduate program.
  • Until the bachelor’s degree is awarded, a Dual/Accelerated Enrollment Form must be completed for each semester in which the student takes qualifying courses at the graduate level.

Upon graduation from the BS in CS program, students will be moved to the regular MS in CS program (with the above potential credits applied).

Program Requirements

Program requirements are the same as they are for the Master of Science in computer science program.