Alternative Course Structures

Geology Field School

Wichita State offers a summer field course in geology ( GEOL 640). The camp is based in the Bighorn Basin of northern Wyoming and southern Montana. The summer course consists of five weeks in the field, for which students receive 6 credit hours.

Applicants should have completed coursework in physical and historical geology and at least 12 credit hours of advanced geology, preferably including a field methods mapping course. Inquiries should be directed to the Department of Geology, 114 Geology Building.


Workshops devoted to current topics are offered throughout the year. Typical courses include workshops for teachers in business, education and fine arts; the history and geology of Kansas; current events; and topics offered in partnership with local organizations such as Music Theatre Wichita. Special fees may be charged for some workshops.

Cross-Listed Courses

Selected courses in the university curriculum are cross-listed because course content is suitable to more than one academic area. Every department or program which offers cross-listed courses provides a separate catalog entry. When enrolling in cross-listed courses, students — in consultation with their advisors — may select the listing under which they wish to receive credit, but credit may be earned under only one of the course subjects.